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Yoganjalisaram by
Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram
by Swathi Soft Solutions


Yogé T Krishnamacharya, was also an accomplished Sanskrit scholar and poet. He composed numerous poems, hymns and commentaries in Sanskrit. He had the background of extensive studies in diverse areas of Vedic traditions and philosophy. He had unshakeable faith in his family’s tutelary deity, Lord Hayagréva, the God of Knowledge, and the grace of the divine endowed him with the ability to write and compose spontaneously in Kannada, Telugu and Sanskrit with great erudition.

Every composition had an occasion behind it, some with intention and some at the request of his disciples. One such literary work is Yogäïjalisäram, which Krishnamacharya composed on the lines of the famous poem, “Bhaja Govindam” of Ädi Çaìkaräcärya, in a meter easy for recitation and memorisation.

Like “Bhaja Govindam”, this composition aims at providing teaching for the welfare of humanity at large, with special focus on Yoga and its importance. The composition, in essence (säram) praises (aïjali) Yoga for its contribution in providing physical and mental health and exposes the belief system of the author. It will be evident that his devotion to Lord Näräyaëa along with His consort, Goddess Lakñmé forms a major part of this composition, which according to him is both the means and end of Yoga.

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in collaboration with Swathi Soft Solutions takes great pride in bringing out this revised edition of T Krishnamacharya's Yogäïjalisäram, based on the original translation of TKV Desikachar. At appropriate junctures, certain additional comments, based on studies with TKV Desikachar, have beeninserted to clarify to the reader certain points of significance made by the author of the text.

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The Icon returns the user to the title page of the App.

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The Main Menu presents a list of the 32 verses of the Yogäïjalisäram. The user can click on the specific verse (ślokaḥ) that he/she wishes to read.

The   plays the audio of the selected verse, rendered by TKV Desikachar, son and student of legendary Yogi, T Krishnamacharya. The user has the option of listening to the verse in either 'listen' or 'repeat' modes. The 'repeat' mode has been conceived to help the user learn to chant the verses.

The forward and backward icons    and   enable the user to navigate from one verse to the next.

icon plays all the verses in order.

The icon allows the user to add that ślokaḥ to the list of favourites.

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