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Ever available to customers


Swathi’s team is available all through the day, week, and year or simply, whenever the customer needs us! Distance or time difference is immaterial.

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A combination of experience, expertise and choice of appropriate tools have accounted for our remarkably short turnaround times. Response to queries & clarifications from the customer is strikingly swift.




We believe in demystifying technology and helping more and more segments enjoy its fruits. We take up this task with a missionary zeal and, while doing so ensure that the cost levels are kept minimum. Further, the customer is updated on every aspect of the project at every stage. At Swathi, we honour the customer’s right to information on the tools and methodologies used.


Timely Deliveries


Timely deliveries made possible by well-planned process flows with internally developed resource planning & management methodologies.


No language barriers


Our project managers’ excellent skills in English language facilitate easy and efficient interactions with the customer.


Object-oriented approach


Development tools and technologies are scalable and compatible to existing business protocols.




The expertise in evolving fully integrated and customised systems for a variety of industries.

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