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Samarthiya Kathaigal by
Prof, A. Jothi Produced by
Swathi Soft Solutions

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Swathi soft solutions brings to you, Samarthiya Kathaigal" is a unique App that strings together many simple short stories that highlight the importance of individual intelligence, adaptability and resourcefulness in confronting challenging situations and emerging victorious nevertheless. This App strings together a selection of short stories by well-known author, A Jothi, along with evocative illustrations by N.S. Meera depicting the key highlights of the story. The user has the option of reading the text himself/herself or using the embedded audio rendition of each story. This App presents numerous stories which delve into the various aspects of human life, thus making it a relevant reading/listening experience for children and adults alike.

The home page is the title page of this App.The   icon allows you to access the bookmarks folder.

The icon gives you information about Swathi Soft Solutions and their products.

The   icon shows you how to use this App.

The icon leads you to the main menu which presents a list of 32 stories.

The Home icon returns the user to the title page of the App.

The Main Menu presents a list of 32 stories. The user can click on the specific sutra that he/she wishes to read.

The Icon on the story page takes the user to the Main Menu.

The Play icon    plays the audio of the respective story.

The forward and backward icons   and  enable the user to navigate from one story to the next.

The user can click the icon to mark that story as a bookmark to be added to the bookmarks folder.

The icon plays all the stories. The user can select the story he/she wishes to listen to.

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