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Ramnad Krishnan by
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Sri Ramnad Krishnan was a unique artiste whose music was greatly appreciated for its finesses and felicity. Backed by a resonant voice, he could verily cast a spell and mesmerise his audiences, holding them captive with his virtuosity. He continues to live on in the hearts of music students and rasikas the world over as a truly inspirational artiste.

Swathi Soft Solutions brings to you, in this App, a beautiful collection of masterpieces rendered by legendary musician Sri Ramnad Krishnan at two of his live performances, one in the USA and the other at the Mylapore Kapaleeshwarar Temple. Also featured in this app is a collection of four Ragam Thanam Pallavis and a few other songs from archival recordings of Sri Ramnad Krishnan.

The home page is the title page of this App.

The Icon gives you information about Swathi Soft Solutions. Also given is a list of other Products brought to you by Swathi Soft Solutions.

The   shows you how to use this App.

The Icon returns the user to the title page of the App.

The icon returns the user to the main page of the App.

The Main Menu presents a list of the audio collections and video of masterpieces rendered by legendary musician Sri Ramnad Krishnan.

The user can click on the specific audio track that he/she wishes to listen to.

The user can click on the Video Menu that he/she wishes to watch the video to.

The icon   plays the audio of the selected track.

The forward and backward icons    and   enable the user to navigate from one verse to the next.

icon plays all the audio tracks in order.

The icon allows the user to add that audio track to the list of favourites.

The icon allows you to create and manage the favourites folder.

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