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One App, Four artistes, 17 albums, and stories galore - Harikatha, a novel App brought to you by Swathi Soft Solutions, bringing leading Harikatha exponents together, each recreating Indian mythology and the lives of great people in their own distinctive styles.

Brahmasri T S Balakrishna Sastrigal was the uncrowned king of the Harikatha world. His discourses often running into several hours would hold audiences spellbound.

Embar Sri Vijayaraghavachariar was another legend who presented his discourses with a touch of humour, making many philosophical concepts easily comprehensible to the lay person.

Smt. Vishaka Hari brings in a new dimension to Harikatha with enthralling narrative seamlessly combined with mellifluous music.

Another exponent of Harikatha who has carved a niche for himself, is Sri. Dushyanth Sridhar. Swathi Soft Solutions brings these great artistes together, offering to the listener, the rasika and the bhakta a spiritual feast.

The home page of this App presents a three-fold categorization based on top albums, new releases and artiste.

When you enter any of these sections, a list of all tracks available for purchase in that category is displayed. One sample track in every segment is offered as a free download. You have the option of downloading independent tracks in an album or the entire album.

The icon allows you to create a wishlist

The   icon lists the names of the artistes, which in turn shows you al available albums of that artiste

The icon displays all the purchased tracks

The icon displays all the purchased albums

The      icon allows you to organize specific tracks into a playlist, do voice control, change device settings or return Home.

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