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Gayathri Mantra-s
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If there is one chant in the vast compendium of ancient Indian scriptural tradition, that crystallises the essence of the entire Vedic tradition, it would be without doubt the Gayatri Mantra. The word "Gayatri" itself means, "that which protects the one who recites it." While the Vedic Gayatri mantra is known as the Mahagayatri, there are several adaptations of this mantra known as "shakha gayatri" to propitiate the different deities in the Hindu pantheon of Gods.

These Gayatri Mantra-s are usually presented in sets of three lines, each culminating with the words, "vidmahe," "dhimahi" and "pracodayat" respectively. Each Gayatri mantra salutes a specific deity by referring to one attribute of that deity and seeks the benediction of that deity in removing our many problems and kindling the innumerable strengths that lie within.

This iphone-ipad App, produced by Swathi Soft Solutions brings to you a compilation of over 87 Gayatri mantra-s honouring select deities grouped thematically across nine chapters.

The listener has the option of listening to the complete recitation of each mantra or using the repeat mode in which each line of the mantra is chanted with a sufficient pause inbetween to enable the listener to repeat that line. Hence, this App provides the user a simple and interactive means of learning to chant certain key Gayatri mantra-s.

Also included in this App is the text of each mantra given in both Sanskrit and Roman transliteration. This App further gives the user the options of emailing and printing select portions, and creating and managing playlists.

The home page is the title page of this App. The   icon allows you to access the bookmarks folder.

The   icon shows you how to use this App.

The gives you information about Swathi Soft Solutions and all their other Apps.

The icon leads you to the main menu which presents a list of nine chapters.

The user has the option of clicking the icon, which will play all the mantra-s from all the chapters one after the other. Each chapter contains a selection of gayatri mantra-s on a specific group of deities.

Alternately the user can click on the name of a specific deity which will open in a new window. Presented in this window is the text of the mantra and an onscreen player. The user can click the  icon to listen to the mantra. The and icons will lead the user to the previous and next chants in that chapter.

The user also has the option of selecting from the
icon on the top right side of the page to read the text in Sanskrit or Roman transliteration.

The icon at the top of each page takes the user to the previous page.

In the lower right corner of each page with the chosen chant, the user can click the   icon to mark that chant as a favourite to be added to the bookmarks folder.

The   icon allows the user to print the selected page.

The   icon allows the user to email selected portions.

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