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What Swathi Soft Solution did for leading e-publishing house for copy protection…. 



With the digital age comes piracy. One of the strongest reasons for publishing houses not to take advantage of technology is piracy. For a very large medical journal publishing house in UK this was a stumbling block that had to be overcome to ensure their publications embraced technology.

The Challenge:

Though there are several technologies to protect the application in the CD, there are none to protect different media files like Acrobat PDF, Video, Audio and slide show files. When it comes to Medical publications, these are the most critical aspects that need to be protected.

The Solution:

The multimedia team’s approach to the situation was true to Swathi’s policy of providing “Solutions beyond Technology”. Through a path breaking approach, various types of media files where encrypted suitably and integrated to an application that decrypts on the fly while playing in the end user's system. The two stage approach uses applications that protect the media file and other existing mechanisms to protect the executables.


e-Learning Project Case Studies: Nestle


Nestle is a multinational known for its wide range of food products and consumer goods. The organization needed a centralized learning system for its top & middle-management segments in Demand & Supply Planning

The challenges:

The solution needed to be light yet effective. Also it had to be developed fast and needed to be cost effective. Swathi gave the customer a custom made LMS that fulfilled their needs while remaining cost-efficient. The solution had to take care of exhaustive contents. Swathi worked with experts in the subject to enrich the content neatly classified under various heads and attractively illustrated.

Swathi’s approach to the solution:

After doing a thorough needs analysis, Swathi’s team first gained clarity on the organizational objectives, learning objectives and target audience profile. What followed then was an in-depth analysis of the technical needs of the project. Through frequent interactions with the experts on the subject, inputs in the form of interviews, written text and the existing content was collected by Swathi.

Swathi’s team then used the Instructional Design process to analyze needs, outline content, create mission statements and interface design before proceeding with production and testing.

Swathi’s team made sure that each stage of the project ensured a learner-centric approach to achieve capability building.

Swathi’s support & maintenance:

Swathi’s relationship with the customer extends much beyond delivery. The maintenance team at Swathi provides support to the learning administrators, the facilitators and the learners at the client’s place to ensure a smooth transition. Nestle is already experiencing a reduction in costs and they are satisfied with the efficiency of the solution developed by Swathi.