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Aathi Choodi by
Isaikkavi Ramanan Produced
by Swathi Soft Solutions


Aathi Choodi is a peerless work of Tamil literature, composed by the saint poet Avvaiyar. She eulogizes Dharma as the fulcrum of earthly life and emphasises that righteous living is the route to peace. She conveys deep advice in incredibly simple language. It is as though an elderly woman, who is our personal well wisher, has entered our home. She addresses our children and us alike, explaining softly and strongly the essence of truth and righteousness. Aathi Choodi has survived the test of time and will continue to educate us.

Isaikkavi Ramanan is a Tamil poet, composer, singer, author, orator and photographer and is also a pilgrim. He has travelled India and abroad, giving talks in Tamil and English on literature, spirituality and lofty living. Taking early retirement after serving The Hindu newspaper for 27 years, he has pursued his personal dreams, inspired by his Master, Satguru Sivanandamurty, who lives in Bheemunipatnam, near Visakhapatnam.

A great admirer of Avvaiyar, Ramanan has written explanatory notes for Aathi Choodi in English and Tamil, for the benefit of a wide audience, in conversational style. Conversing with him is his ardent friend, Dharma Raman. She is an advocate, marriage counselor, Rotarian, columnist, speaker and blogger.

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