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Bhakthi Mala - Bhajans
for Children by
Udayalur K.Kalyanaraman
Swathi Soft Solutions


Swathi Soft solutions present "Bhakthimala - Celebrating the Resonance of Namasankeertanam" in the form of a user-friendly iphone and ipad App that allows the user to listen to and learn simple bhajans on different deities. Many spiritual masters are of the opinion that in the present age of Kaliyuga, NAmasankeertanam or the bhajana sampradaya tradition is one of the easiest and most enjoyable paths to reach the supreme. Here, we present a selection of bhajans on ten of the major Hindu deities, sung by the renowned Udayalur Kalyanaraman. His style of presentation is simple and easy to follow, the chorus that follows his lead gives the user an opportunity to repeat each line of the bhajan. Also presented in this App are the lyrics for each bhajan in English. Other features include the facility to create and manage bookmarks and to create a playlist of one-s choice. This App is also facebook and twitter friendly.

The home page is the title page of this App. The   icon allows you to access the bookmarks folder. The   icon shows you how to use this App. The gives you information about the Swathi Soft Solutions and all their other Apps. within this page is the option for emailing the content of any page by clicking on the icon. The icon leads you to the main menu which presents a list of ten chapters. The user has the option of clicking the icon which will play all the bhajans from all the chapters one after the other. Each chapter contains a selection of bhajans about a particular deity.
Clicking on a chapter opens a new window that lists all the bhajans about that deity. Alternately the user can click on a specific bhajan which will open in a new window. Presented in this window is the lyrics of the bhajan and an onscreen player. The user can click the icon to listen to the bhajan. The and icons will lead the user to the previous and next bhajans I that chapter.

The icon at the top of each page takes the user to the previous page. In the lower right corner of each page with the chosen bhajan, the user can click the icon to mark that bhajan as a favourite to be added to the bookmarks folder.The icon allows you to print the selected page.

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